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Spine elasticity and flexibility

A treatment that defends your back in everyday life, favouring relaxation and relieving problems affecting the muscles, tendons and joints.


Do you have a sedentary job? Do you stand up all day?
Do you have back ache? Are you not feeling too good?  Do you tire easily during the day?
Is your job particularly tiring for your back (sports people, masseurs, yoga teachers, ballet dancers…)?


Lakshmi’s Art-Reum has a beneficial effect on the spine, that wonder of balance and engineering which often reminds us of its presence with annoying and persistent aches which reduce our mobility and energy level. The aim of this extraordinary treatment is to defend your back in everyday life, to avoid aches or at least to reduce them, and to teach you how to look after yourself. This treatment offers step by step suggestions to teach you how to relax your body and regain muscle elasticity thanks to the arnica which soothes all problems caused by accidental episodes involving muscles, tendons and joints.  Eucalyptus, rosemary and fennel are excellent painkillers with local relaxing action. Juniper, copaiba and thyme tone and strengthen tired muscles helping them to relax; sesame oil reactivates local circulation and favours the drainage of toxic substances blocked in muscles and joints.


Relaxed lumbar spine muscles and production of algogenic substances (endorphines) by the body. The treatment techniques lead to improved balance and harmony between mind and body.

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