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Tired, heavy and swollen legs Intensive toning and draining treatment

An extraordinarily effective line that reduces swelling and relieves heavy and aching legs with visible capillaries. It leaves legs slim, toned and guarantees an immediate and lasting feeling of freshness, lightness and wellbeing.


Do your legs, ankles and feet feel heavy, tense and swollen? Do you have fragile capillaries? Do your legs ache?


Lakshmi’s Crio Gamathi is a professional treatment and a line of specific cosmetic products for heavy and tired legs; it eliminates the sense of swelling, heaviness and tiredness.
The treatment provides a prolonged feeling of wellbeing and natural freshness; it stimulates blood circulation and favours drainage leaving legs feeling light and fresh. This line of products is innovative and extremely effective thanks to precious vegetable extracts such as melilotus, pineapple and butcher’s broom which are integrated with active principles such as caffeine and essential oils of mint, immortelle and cypress.  This line has a threefold effect which, combined with the cryogenic and decongestant effect, reduces the heavy leg feeling and swelling of legs with capillary fragility.


Extraordinarily effective line that has a beneficial effect on the structure of capillaries and stimulates the normalisation of microcirculation. The soothing and decongestant action of these products restores the correct activity of microcirculation leaving legs slim, toned and with an immediate and lasting fresh feeling.
Reduces swelling and heavy leg sensation. Stimulates lymphatic drainage.
Strengthens microcirculation. Increases capillary resistance.

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