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Wonfderful soft feet

Beauty and wellbeing treatment for fresh and beautiful feet. Nourishes, softens and deodorises leaving a lasting feeling of wellbeing and freshness. Treats deep cracks and reduces the formation of calluses.


Do you have cold, dry or rough feet? Do you have cracked heels? Do you suffer from excessive foot perspiration? Are your feet too hot? Are the capillaries on your ankles visible? Are your feet swollen, heavy and aching?


According to Oriental disciplines feet are considered a source of energy and vital organs are mapped on our feet. For these reasons, and in order to treat problems such as dry and thick skin, swelling and mycoses, we should look after our feet.
The ideal moment to take care of them is during a pedicure which can be transformed into an effective daily treatment to provide wellbeing and relief to your feet.  Lakshmi’s Pada Treatment moisturizes, purifies, deodorises and protects feet against fungal infections (mycoses) leaving the skin soft and velvety.
What are the winning ingredients? Tabebuia,  an extraordinary Amazonian plant that reduces inflammations, has an antimicrobial and anti-fungal action and fights parasites; essential oils of Tea Tree and Manuka with antiseptic and anti-fungal properties; Angelica root essential oil for dry skin, Rose Geranium for irritated and red skin and Clary Sage that relieves the swollen feeling and reduces the unpleasant effects of perspiration.


Fresh and beautiful feet. A true health and beauty treatment, which in one single step nourishes, softens and deodorises leaving a prolonged feeling of wellbeing and freshness which lasts all day. Immediate relief for tired feet after an active day. Regular use leaves the skin moisturized, smooth and velvety. Treats deep cracks and reduces the formation of calluses.

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