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Massage with medicinal herb powders.

Regenerating body peeling with herbs.
The skin is rubbed with a mix of flours, herb powder (udvartana), rose water and oils. This treatment contributes to reactivate the metabolism and has a firming and slimming effect. The treatment is completed with the Swedana detoxifying steam bath.


Massage to stimulate and harmonise your vital energy.

The aim of this massage is to stimulate and harmonise your vital energy located along the spine. Particular attention is dedicated to relaxing the muscles near the spine as this helps to prepare the central energy channel, sushumna, for the upward flow of the kundalini energy.


Treatment using specific essential oils.

Effective treatment based on the use of specific essential oils applied to the Marma points according to the aesthetic problems; this treatment offers significant results.


Ayurvedic massage with Tibetan singing bowls.

A special Ayurvedic treatment with the black Hukka stones from Karelia (special stones that remain hot for a long time) that offers an unequalled feeling of wellbeing. You can’t even imagine the beneficial feelings until you try it.


Hot herbal pads that dissolve aches and pains.

A hot and pleasant treatment handed down by Ayurvedic medicine for total wellbeing. Soft linen bags filled with herbs and spices are heated, with steam, to relax the body and muscles and eliminate fatigue.


The vibrating energy of precious stones.

Since ancient times, different civilisations have always used stones, gems and crystals to harmonise the body and mind.
The ancient wisdom of the Vedic people has been handed down, teaching us the use of stones to balance the chakras and marma points and the fascinating practice of Ayurvedic massage with stones.


Massage to balance the body’s functions and remove energetic blocks.

The Ayurvedic massage of the energy centres (Marma) is very gentle and it is an unbeatable massage for psychophysical integration according to one’s constitution. The aim of this ancient and particular Ayurvedic practice is to delicately balance Vata Pitta and Kapha.


Anti-stress and blissful.

Shirodhara is the deepest and most pleasant treatment recommended by Ayurveda. A thin steady stream of oil, at body temperature, is poured on the forehead. The warm oil, like a thread of light comes down and cocoons your head, leaving an extraordinary feeling of wellbeing and serenity.


The great Ayurvedic massage: a young spirit in an ageless body.

In India this massage is the treatment par excellence to reverse the aging process.
It boosts the immune system and offers a total feeling of wellbeing. Warm oils and a wide range of massage motions help to restore balance and harmony.
It strengthens the immune system, detoxifying kidney, digestive and hepatic functions. Pure wellbeing.


Ayurvedic treatment with black stones.

Hukka stones are part of the classic Ayurvedic Swedana treatments that aim to remove accumulated toxins from the body through the use of heat, which stimulates perspiration.