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Following very strict controls Lakshmi’s cosmetics have been awarded the ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) eco-organic certification, that certifies that human and environmental health are guaranteed through the use of raw materials of Natural Origin with reduced environmental impact. (For more info visit

In addition, Lakshmi uses natural ingredients obtained from plants cultivated with organic, biodynamic and wild farming; these include for example phytoextracts, floral waters from aromatic plants, highly eudermic vegetable emulsifiers, cold pressed vegetable oils and 100% pure essential oils.

BIOLOGICAL RAW MATERIAL USE To use organic raw materials that do not alter the delicate balance between man and Nature. We believe that if we offend Mother Earth in any way we will pay the consequences in many ways.

WHY ORGANIC? It gives added value to the product. It is an ethical choice that safeguards the environment. There is greater certainty of offering a purer, therefore more concentrated and effective, product. A natural product has greater affinity with our body. The entirn a contact with Nature, which might otherwise be lost in a world which is often too artificial: after all, despite progress, our requirements remain unchanged. e raw material production process and the processing of final products are subjected to strict and accurate controls. Most importantly, organic products main tai
We privilege the use of organically grown plants and wild plants. This type of cultivation respects the natural growth of plants allowing them to develop the vitality and properties necessary to carry out their functions.