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Line specifically for mature and demanding skin

A unique treatment programme against skin ageing, with powerful natural active ingredients, pure essential oils and next generation plant extracts that stimulate the skin’s self-regenerating capacity. Redefines the face contours. Skin is correctly and deeply moisturized and is progressively restructured. Revitalised, fresher and firmer skin for a brighter and visibly younger looking face.
Tests show: 86% reduction in wrinkles on the forehead.


Do you have fine wrinkles and expression lines? Do you have fine lines around the mouth?
Is your skin not as bright as it used to be? Is it often dull and tired? Does it react badly to changes in temperature?
Has your face contour lost its firmness? Has your skin lost its elasticity? Has it slackened? Is it thin, dehydrated and dry?


Lakshmi’s AntiAge line is a unique treatment programme that fights skin ageing; it provides the skin with total protection against daily aggressions maintaining its integrity and initial resources. It inhibits early elastin degradation and intensely stimulates collagen synthesis and the skin’s self-renewal properties. This line visibly improves skin tone, compactness and firmness. It contains powerful active principles such as liposomes, fragrant essential oils and vegetable extracts with exceptional revitalising properties, such as Manilkara, Maitake, Ceratonia Siliqua, Grindella, Venuceane, marine active principle and grape Polyphenols, enriched wit Onyx, Coral, Opal, Topaz, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Gold essences obtained with a method that has its roots in the millenary wisdom of Ayurveda.


The repulping and reshaping action redefines the face contour. Skin is correctly and deeply moisturized and is progressively restructured. Skin becomes radiant and visibly younger looking; it appears revitalised, fresher and more toned with a clear reduction of signs of tiredness and loss of tone.

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