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Intensive draining, reducing and elasticising programme against long-standing soft cellulite and visible orange peel skin


Do you have visible orange peel skin? Are you starting to age? Does your weight swing up and down? Is the “mattress” phenomenon widespread and more evident inside the thighs and arms? Is skin tissue slack? Do you suffer pain to palpation? Are the areas suffering from cellulite very visible? Soft and sclerotic cellulite are the most common and widespread forms of cellulite.


Stimulate lipolysis and the burning of fats, favour drainage and oxygenation. Reduce imperfections caused by cellulite, improve tissue tone and elasticity…..this is possible with Lakshmi’s Garshan Tonic! A synergy of vegetable extracts that act at different levels to tone and improve tissue elasticity and strengthen the tone and protein network of elastin and collagen, thanks to a natural active principle extracted from pisum sativum. Favour the burning of fats thanks to extracts of garcinia cambogia with a reducing and toning action. Stimulate and tone thanks to mate extract, rich in methylxanthines, caffeine, teophylline and theobromine. Reduce the size of the nodules thanks to the guarana. Carry out an antioxidant action and nourish and oxygenate tissues thanks to the coffee polyphenols and rice oil. Protect the veins and carry out a draining and detoxifying action thanks to centella and dandelion.


An intense feeling of wellbeing and effectiveness; the specific action on soft and sclerotic cellulite improves tissue tone and elasticity, leaving the skin smoother and firmer from the very first treatments; the detoxifying and oxygenating action of Garshan Tonic products nourishes and moisturizes the skin and increases metabolic exchanges, visibly improving the skin’s appearance.

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