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Intensive breast and body firming treatment

A line designed to firm tissues and redefine the breast and body, with the aim of moisturizing and regenerating the skin, stimulating cell renewal for more elastic and compact skin.


Has your body lost tone and firmness due to sudden changes in weight or a sedentary lifestyle? Do you want to prevent stretch marks? Do you want to shape and tone your buttocks? Do you want more elastic skin? Would you like to fight gravity and have a firmer bust?


Firmness is the keyword; the secret is to increase the natural resistance of the skin in the areas that require specific attention to fight the “loss of tone”, stretch marks and skin slackening. It is important to remember that the body’s skin needs to be constantly hydrated and protected, not only to restore elasticity and softness but also to prevent and fight skin problems. With the cosmetic products of Lakshmi’s  Kumari line these beneficial effects are at hand thanks to the essential oils and vegetable extracts (lavender, orange, patchouli and passion flower) that favour tissue oxygenation; micro-algae, alginates and silicon guarantee a rapidly noticeable lift-up effect, protect the cells against oxidative stress and carry out a restructuring and strengthening effect on the connective tissue, toning and plumping the skin.  The mix of vegetable oils and shea butter, with extraordinary nourishing and protective properties, offers the skin renewed tone, fighting skin slackening.


Soft and elastic skin. Skin is perfectly nourished and moisturized for an immediately smoother and toned appearance. Ultra effective treatment with important beneficial effects on the mechanisms involved in the formation of stretch marks, preventing and attenuating them, day after day.
A powerful and effective treatment thanks to the presence in the formula of Vanistryl ™ , a combination of peptides that  have important beneficial effects on the mechanism involved in the formation of stretch marks. Enriched with sweet almond oil with elasticising properties, day after day it helps to moisturise and elasticise the skin leaving it more toned and soft to the touch; it redefines and firms the critical areas leaving the skin elastic.  A treatment that also keeps the bust and neckline looking beautiful for longer with hydrated, toned and firm skin.

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