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Line specifically for intolerant and reactive skin.

Soothing and calming line designed for ultra sensitive and hyper reactive skin. This type of skin will find immediate relief from redness and irritation.


Is your skin hyper-sensitive, intolerant and reactive? Do wind, cold temperatures and sudden changes in temperature accentuate redness, burning and excessive reactions? Do the cosmetics you usually use trigger excessive reactions such as itchiness, tingling or increased dryness? Does your skin tend to redden on the cheeks and chin? Are fine capillaries visible on your face?


Lakshmi offers the Iris Line: calming and soothing, studied for ultra-sensitive skin that reddens easily and has excessive reactions to different stimuli.
A perfect line to effectively treat, restructure and actively reinforce sensitive skin. What are its strong points? A fantastic pool of vegetable extracts of Immortelle and Liquorice guarantees a remarkable soothing, desensitising and anti-irritation action.
Vegetable extracts of Iris, soothing active principles, calendula, ylang ylang, jasmine, patchouli, lavender, chamomile and vegetable oils with skin affinity restore the skin’s self defence system and form a thin protection on the epidermis against external factors.   Constant use reduces redness and visibly improves the imperfections caused by couperose.


Immediate relief for reddened and irritated skin. Promotes and preserves the skin’s natural defence system and carries out an effective free radical scavenging action. Reduces diffused redness and the frequency of occasional redness.

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