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Line specifically for sensitive and irritated skin that requires a balancing action

A cosmetic line that carries out a significant calming and relaxing action. The key words are: protect, soothe, refresh and reduce redness. Tests have shown that 30 minutes after application skin hydration and softness increase by 21%.


Is your skin soft to the touch, not very thin and sometimes with a combination complexion? Is it also delicate and sensitive? Is it intolerant to the sun? Is it prone to sunburn and sun rash? Does your skin tend to mark easily? Is your skin hyper reactive?  Does it itch, tingle or burn? Are “no” moments expressed through skin eruptions (under the skin spots) pimples and blackheads? Is your skin congested or prone to couperose or acne rosacea?


For this type of skin Lakshmi has conceived the Pitta line of products, with a calming and relaxing action. The keywords are: protect, soothe, refresh and reduce redness. Lakshmi uses specific ingredients for an effective and restructuring treatment and to actively strengthen the skin, such as: Phytosterols that have strong calming and soothing properties and a pool of multifunctional active ingredients extracted from wheat germ and from brewer’s yeast cells, which help to regenerate and protect the skin’s barrier layer. Solidago extract, Brassica Campestris, Damask Rose and Lotus Flower provide a prolonged effectiveness that allows for active regeneration and true relaxation of very sensitive skin. This line of cosmetic products also contains precious Hematite, Topaz and Diamond powders, obtained with a method that has its roots in the millenary wisdom of Ayurveda.


24 hour non-stop moisturization. Skin protection against extreme climatic conditions. Tests have shown that 30 minutes after application hydration improves and irritations and congestions are reduced by 21%. Immediate reduction of that unpleasant “tight skin” feeling. Tired and taut skin becomes fresh and relaxed. Plumping effect, small wrinkles are visibly reduced.

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