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Steam bath. Detox treatment par excellence. Exceptional for anti-cellulite treatments.

Being free from toxins means experimenting new physical and mental wellbeing.
Swedana: perspiration therapy or steam bath.
The main aim is to dilate the body channels (shrotas) in order to eliminate amas (toxins) from the body tissues.
When the channels are dilated perspiration is produced naturally; furthermore, the use of heat neutralises the coldness of Vata and Kapha, reduces body stiffness and heaviness, and counters slowness. In other words the Swedana heating action activates the elimination of toxic and waste materials from the deepest tissues, right down to the gastrointestinal tract. The expansion of the body’s inner channels makes it easier to remove waste material. With the expulsion of toxins, the body acquires greater flexibility and agility.


Kapha treatment for edematous cellulite.

Fight the imperfections caused by water retention and bad circulation and create the conditions to fight edematous cellulite with Lakshmi’s Garshan Dren treatment. Draining and detoxifying treatment that favours the elimination of fluids and the removal of waste from tissues.


Vata treatment for hard cellulite.

Liposhock: to shape the body, reduce fat and hard cellulite. This is the new holistic shaping massage technique with rapid and lasting results that has revolutionised all previous methods. Thanks to the rebalancing of the flow of energy, adipose tissue and stagnating fluids in the body will benefit from the combined action of essential oils and seaweed that favour the removal of excess waste.


Pitta treatment for soft sclerotic cellulite.

Treatment that specifically stimulates lipolysis and the burning of fats, favouring drainage and oxygenation.
To reduce imperfections caused by cellulite, improve tissue tone and elasticity.


Draining massage for light legs.

Ideal treatment for heavy and tired legs, designed to eliminate the sense of swelling, heaviness and tiredness.
This treatment provides a prolonged feeling of wellbeing and natural lightness; it stimulates blood circulation and favours drainage leaving legs feeling light and fresh.


Body-breast firming treatment.

Firmness is the keyword of this treatment; the secret is to increase the natural resistance of the skin in the areas that require specific attention to fight “loss of tone”, stretch marks and skin slackening.


The pleasure of natural epilation.

Revolutionary natural epilation treatment with natural resins (not synthetic waxes), essential oils and soothing ingredients that guarantee the best results, eliminating superfluous hair in a progressive and lasting way.


Wellbeing starts from the feet. A gentle pedicure combined with reflexology to feel light.

According to Oriental disciplines feet are considered a source of energy and vital organs are mapped on our feet. The Pada treatment moisturises, purifies, deodorises, and protects from infections and mycoses, leaving the skin of your feet smooth and velvety.


Specific treatment for a flat stomach.

Lakshmi’s Udara beauty treatment is excellent to improve constipation, lumbago and back ache. It stimulates circulation and tones stomach muscles, rapidly leaving the abdomen toned and flat. It also favours the normal physiological activity of the intestine.


Tension relieving massage.

Lakshmi’s Art Reum treatment has a beneficial effect on the spine, that wonder of balance and engineering, which often reminds us of its presence with annoying and persistent aches that reduce our mobility and energy level. The aim of this extraordinary treatment is to defend your back in everyday life, to avoid aches or at least to reduce them, and to teach you how to take care of yourself.