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Flat and toned abdomen.
ntensive and rapid treatment with localised action on waist and stomach. The abdomen is flatter and shaped; the skin is smoother, toned and compact


Stomach and waistline imperfections are visibly reduced. Skin is toned and elastic. After just a few sessions the abdomen is flatter and shaped and the skin is smoother, toned and compact.


Is your weight perfect but your stomach is not as flat as you would like? Does your bloated stomach alter your slim and slender silhouette?
Are your stomach muscles slack? Do you suffer from irritable colon? Do you suffer from back ache? Is your posture wrong? Do you stick your stomach out? Do you “eat air”? Do you have localised “fat cushions”?


Lakshmi’s Udara beauty treatment is excellent to improve constipation, lumbago and back ache. Stimulates circulation and tones stomach muscles, rapidly leaving the abdomen toned and flat. It also favours the normal physiological activity of the intestine.
The secret is the synergy of guarana extract with toning properties and the synergistic concentrate of essential oils that relieve abdominal tension and bloating, such as: basil which is antispasmodic; fennel which relieves bloating; marjoram and ylang ylang with soothing and calming properties.

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